Friday, December 28, 2012

We Know not our Time! 12-28-2012

We Know not our Time!

The new is here for now,
Not to stay because soon
It too will be old.

Enjoy it just the same and 
Treasure the time you have,
For we know not our time!

Roll down a hill of grass,
And drink lemon-aid.
Laugh until your belly hurts,
Just because you can!

Smile at a stranger
And make your own day.
We know not our time,
So Live!

P. Contreras

Friday, December 21, 2012


Hope Street

 All along Hope Street
The boxes are full.
The people wait patiently
To see what they've received.

Boxes full of hope for love,
Boxes full of hope for life,
And Boxes full of hope 
for the future.

We never know 
What our box will hold,
Until we open it.

Open yours and 
Have some Hope!

P. Contreras