Monday, September 24, 2012

Flights of Freedom 9-24-2012

Juvenile Black-Crowned Heron

I am beauty in the
Eye of my beholder,
I am strong and free.
They wish that they could
Fly and 
Spread their wings like me.
I have no bounds to hold me,
I go wherever I want.
And if I should 
Need some sustenance,
I simply go and hunt.

I am beauty in the 
Eye of my beholder.
They are jealous tis true,
They wish they had
This simple life
Soaring in the open blue.

P. Contreras

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Shadow 9-20-2012

I am tired, but I'm wide awake
I wish that I could sleep,
The thoughts are running through
my mind, running oh so deep!
I have thoughts, thoughts you see,
of things I think you did.
When fairy tales should have been mine
and I was just a kid.
The images of running through fields,
Flowers slipping through my hands.
Are replaced with images of
A dark and troubled man.
I push them out, but they come back
Bleeding through my brain.
My heart is heavy, oh so heavy
filled with angst and pain..
I hate you for these memories
forced on me when oh so young.
They're thoughts that tumble
through my mind
and can never be undone.
I'm searching for a peaceful dream
filled with sanctity.
Help me wipe them from my thoughts
So sleep can come to me.

                        P. Contreras

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Invisible 9-5-2012

I live in an invisible world, 
It is my invisible world.
A world I have made because
I don't stand up for myself.
I don't make myself important.
Everyone else is more important than me
And now, I am invisible.

I look into the mirror and 
I do not see me, I see someone else.  
I am invisible.
Where am I, 
She left years ago to raise children
And to keep a husband.
Her dreams are gone, but hopefully
Not forgotten.

I hope soon she will show herself to me,
And become visible once again.

                       P. Contreras