Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Boardwalk 2-25-2013

The Boardwalk

Walking the boardwalk
My man and me,
Enjoying the sights
And sounds of the Sea.

Slowly and quickly 
They float on by
Skaters and bicyclists
On the fly.

Not a care in the World
No, not even one
Simply enjoying
Their day in the sun.

The Sun it slowly
Descends in the sea
The two of us left
With our memories.

Thankful for that,
I can not be more
Enjoying with bliss
Our day at the shore.

P. Contreras

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Tree 2-19-2013

A Tree

My arms are weaving heavenward,
My roots are planted firm.
My leaves are catching all the sun,
Within my roots are worms.

Come sit yourself upon a limb,
And rest a while here.
Breathe in all of nature,
And into magic peer.

I can be an Octopus,
You the buccaneer.
Riding waves and pillaging,
Until the shore you hear.

Now I 'm a regal castle,
Walls of mighty mortar.
Keeping you safe against the dragon,
Who is a fire snorter.

100 hundred feet into the sky,
Here the giant lives.
Save the golden goose,
And an egg she will then give.

I am more than just a tree,
Especially to a child.
Come and sit beneath my shade,
Remember youth..
And smile.

P. Contreras

Monday, February 4, 2013

The Rebirth of Earth November 2, 2012

The Rebirth of Earth

Softly, softly, I float to the ground
All of my siblings lost are now found.
Gathering here on the ground below
Waiting to be covered by a blanket of snow.

Fall is fading fast and winter it bleeds
It's blanket covering both color and seeds.
Only to bed we are just now
Waiting for spring to let us endow,

Our colors once more upon the earth, 
Holding in the soil all of our rebirth.
Don't mourn, we will not be long,
Soon we'll be back our colors so strong.


Coffee November 1, 2012

Coffee in the fall!

It's cold outside but warm in here

As the cup to my lips is near.

Breathing in the aroma fresh
Goosebumps appear on my flesh.

Slowly sipping the liquid gold
My body is no longer cold.

P. Contreras

Woman December 11, 2012


She is resilient!
Hardy and Beautiful.
Her Grace and fragile looks
Belie her Strength
To overcome.  

She Is Woman

P. Contreras