Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Knowing 7-1-2013


Knowing is half the battle
The battle for yourself.
Knowing your worth,
The beautiful you inside,
Screaming to come out
But at times afraid.
Afraid of the words and thoughts
Of people you don't even know.

Knowing is half the battle
That no one's words or thoughts Matter,
Only you, you alone.

Knowing is half the battle
Of when to stand tall,
When you feel so very, very small.
We can break free
To be the you and me,
To be strong,
To be our own person.
Knowing is half the battle.

By Paula Contreas

Solitude 2-4-2014

It's quiet,
densely quiet.
The only sound is the crunch
as I take a step.
I just want to  be at rest,
and keep the quiet, still.
Take in the silence 
and contemplate on my life.
And the simpleness 
That everything can be,
If we just let it.

By Paula Contreras