Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Manners 2003

Manners it seems have flown out the door.
People are rude to each other, what's more.

I say let's invite all our good conduct back,
Say hello to each other, let's get back on track.

Here it all is and it's well worth repeating...
Like saying something that's close to a greeting!

How about on your way out, holding open the door,
For the stranger with the package, and children and more.

Could you smile a big smile at all the strangers you meet,
Then see how it spreads through the crowd, through the street.

Saying "Thank you" and "Please" and other nice words,
Might make this a better place, if only you've heard.

Say "Hello" to the girl at the grocery stores stand,
You'll make her day and it goes hand in hand...

The smile that she gives you as you leave her store,
The very next customer will get a bit more.

Spread the news let them hear,
It's about love and good cheer.

It's about giving and seeing,
And seeing is believing,
That the best of us all is well worth receiving!

                                  P. Contreras

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Living 5-20-1983

Can you see into my eyes,
Down deep into my soul?
If you can and look close enough,
You'll notice that it's cold.

I've stood by the fire
To get myself warm,
To try and thaw my heart.
But the only way to ease the cold
Is to step in all, not part.

I can't imagine myself out there,
I've always been in here.
And when someone held out
Their hand to me,
I always turned  for fear.

The only way for me to go is
Look and jump myself,
Or live a lonely, loveless life
Of living on a shelf.

             P. Contreras

Saturday, July 28, 2012

My Love 1-6-1988

These tears that fall
from face to paper are
really tears of joy.

I've found the one
who's part of me and
fills in all the voids.

My happiness is so
immense, I can't
contain it all,

And so I'm writing
all this down, my
feellings to the paper fall.

He is sweet, yet very
strong and holds me
in his arms.

I know he'll always
keep me near and
protect me from
all harm.

Our love is strong,
so very strong and
healthy is our bond.

We'll be together and
love each other
until our days are gone.

He makes me laugh
and makes me think
of all the things to be,

When in our age
we walk together
with all our memories.

                      P. Contreras

My God 1998

My God,
My God
Not yours
He's mine
You don't prescribe to my religion
You're dead!

My God,
Your God
Would not prescribe to any of us
The killing of another!

Our God
Our God
Whomever he be,
Would love us all
To live in harmony!

                 P. Contreras

Monday, July 23, 2012

On This Day the Bloom Unfolds March 2005

On This Day the Bloom Unfolds

1-2-3-4-5, tiny fingers
1-2-3-4-5, tiny toes
A miracle, God knows
This miracle from within,
This miracle from you and me,
A child
So meek and mild.

Through the years
he will grow,
Through the years he'll
learn and know,
The love, the gift of
life we've given him,
This miracle from within!
                               P. Contreras

This poem was written five years after the birth of my son.  I wrote it outside of his school before I picked him up one day.  I guess I was feeling a little emotional.

What is Love 6-1-1981

What's a teardrop to me or you?
Just an ocean to the morning dew.

What's a heartache for all it's worth?
Just an earthquake to mother earth.

What's a friendship if it begins to die?
Just the difference between water and sky.

What's is like to be loved once again?
Just like a bird that begins to sing.

What's a love that is nurtured and saved?
Just a swell that makes the waves.

What's a life if it's not full of laughter?
Just living hell ever after.

                             P. Contreras

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Blush 10-6-1980

Pen upon my paper
Thoughts upon my mind
The words were never clearer
The thoughts were ne'er so kind.

And when I think of you
My heart it starts to beat,
My face gets red, starts to burn,
And my body feels with heat.

The feelings were ne'er so deep
The thoughts were ne'er so kind.
Pen upon my paper,
Thoughts upon my mind.

                   P. Conteras