Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Tree 2-19-2013

A Tree

My arms are weaving heavenward,
My roots are planted firm.
My leaves are catching all the sun,
Within my roots are worms.

Come sit yourself upon a limb,
And rest a while here.
Breathe in all of nature,
And into magic peer.

I can be an Octopus,
You the buccaneer.
Riding waves and pillaging,
Until the shore you hear.

Now I 'm a regal castle,
Walls of mighty mortar.
Keeping you safe against the dragon,
Who is a fire snorter.

100 hundred feet into the sky,
Here the giant lives.
Save the golden goose,
And an egg she will then give.

I am more than just a tree,
Especially to a child.
Come and sit beneath my shade,
Remember youth..
And smile.

P. Contreras

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