Saturday, May 11, 2013

Contempt May 11 2013

I breathe in a deep breath 
And exhale a deep heavy sigh.
My view of your world,
Has been corrupted by your lies.
It once was of a
Perfect little world.
You've replaced it with
Emotional horrors.
I loved you so
Looked up to you.
You've replaced that with
A totally different view.
The alcoves of my
Heart are burned
My mind a
Torrential blur.
You've treated your children
As mere spawn.
Not holding them dear
As treasures to look upon.
I’m done,
My heart is over it
No going back
Or hanging in suspense
To see if your
Wretched heart
Would overcome it.
I see the truth,
It’s black and white
You’re never changing
I must cut you out
Like a blight.

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